He’s racist

The BBC – among others – are carrying this story: Muslim reservist loses Iraq case. According to that page, and again I have seen it elsewhere, his reasons for not fighting are :
he did not want to be asked to fight against fellow Muslims and could not condone military action which was not “self-defence”.

3 points:

  1. Unless you are prepared to do what you are told, when you are told and continue doing until told to stop, you shouldn’t join the forces. It’s not a discussion group.
  2. “self-defence”. Stupid statement. Again, your opinion doesn’t matter.
  3. He is RACIST. He wouldn’t fight “fellow Muslims” – that means he WOULD fight people of any other religious persuasion, which means, by definition, that he puts the value of his “fellow Muslims” above others.

That’s RACISM – no matter how you try to dress that up, that is discrimination, and that stinks.

Which idiot let this guy enlist ffs ?

6 thoughts on “He’s racist

  1. I pretty much agree with you, particularly about the part that the military is not a discussion group. Don’t voluntarily sign up for the military and accept paychecks if you’re unwilling to do the job — even if that job actually means killing people.

  2. How is it racist? Muslims can be of any race – white, black, Asian, mixed, whatever. By making the assertion that Muslims have to be of one race and non-Muslims another, you’re (maybe unwittingly) perpetuating a dangerous racial stereotype yourself.

  3. Okay, so maybe ‘racist’ could be taken as being the wrong word.
    It’s the same as me signing up and saying that I will not kill white people. Or would not kill women, or would not kill people with brown hair.

    He is making a discriminatory point in that he would not kill Muslims – yet he also fails on this point – how the hell would he know who was or was not a muslim ? Just because they live somewhere (or not) does not make them a muslim (or not).

    He is making pathetic excuses for wanting to take the money, get the kudos, but do sod all.

    Either way, what he is saying is this “I will not go and kill a muslim, but I’d happily shoot a Catholic”

    That’s his subtext. And that stinks.

  4. How am I ?

    HE said those things not me.
    HE said he would not shoot fellow Muslims.
    I would have make precisely the same criticisms if this had been a soldier saying he would not go to Northern Ireland because he wouldn’t shoot catholics.

    His colour / race / religion / sexuality or whatever I am not bothered about – I was pointing out that his stated reasons are fundamentally wrong.

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