A map, a memo and an MEP

I had intended to set up a WP UK map some time ago after finding Worldkit, but it sort of fell of the back of the backburner. Part of the reason was that I couldn’t find a map – Ordnance Survey never did answer any emails from me – so last night I emailed Phil Wilson and asked if I could use the map he does – Phil has the UK Bloggermap. Being a gent, he said I could 🙂
So now in the WordPress section there is a WP users in the UK map.
There isn’t a blog at Greenwich that I know of, but it serves as a locator point for the co-ordinates if nothing else. So, what wonderful uses can this be put to then ? Hmm.. not a lot. It’s free linkage if you want, and I like the Worldkit concept, but otherwise, not a lot. But I like it, and that’s good enough for me. (And the 3 pages – 2 maps and the info – are finally valid too).

Memo … yes, right. This would be a memo to the person in charge of the Royal Bank of Scotland. It would be along the lines of: “Can you please inform your staff that all areas of banking are covered by the law, and that while if I might make a small error and you decide to financially penalise me to some ridiculous amount, you are within your rules to do so, you are not covered by the law for that, and neither did I, when I made the mistake, break any law. So, I make a small error, which is fairly inconsequential in the scheme of things and you penalise me. You say I was wrong, and you exact a penalty. You’d say I can’t argue with that.
So what happens when a member of YOUR staff breaks the law then ? What happens when they close an account they were not allowed to, when they take that money they were not allowed to, and put that money into an account that they were not allowed to ? What should happen then eh ? I trust this matter – this legal matter – is adequately covered in what passes for your staff training.”
Let me guess ….. I’ll get a pathetic telephone apology and you will pretend it didn’t otherwise happen.

MEP. Robert Kilroy-Silk. What a greaseball. Was Labour, saw the capitalist light, then jumps on a bandwagon – it’s not a bandwagon to people like me who are implaccably opposed to the euro – and now tries to take over the UKIP. Megalomaniac greaseball. Trust him ? Not in a million years.