Site stuff.

I have re-catalogued all the posts here – 827 of them.
A process made very easy with the Mass Category Change plugin from Stephanie. Took a while – as it would – but it worked flawlessly. Thoroughly recommended plugin.

Another dinky file I uploaded today is Category Map.
Click on the link over to the right so see the effect and reload the page a few times.

IP’s. I got the swedish leeches !! I have just added this to my .htaccess:
deny from 82.209.134.*
deny from 82.209.135.*
deny from 82.209.136.*
deny from 82.209.137.*
deny from 82.209.138.*
deny from 82.209.139.*
deny from 82.209.140.*
deny from 82.209.141.*
deny from 82.209.142.*
deny from 82.209.143.*
deny from 82.209.144.*
deny from 82.209.145.*
That covers the company Bredband2 who are based in Malmo, Sweden.
I still have some looking at the access log to do (it’s 1.5meg) – and if only it was exported in Excel format it would make analysing it so much easier) but the biggest leech has gone, and that can only be a good thing. The spider trap hadn’t got them – it’s got no-one yet – but following IP links had to pay off in the end.

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