The trap

As I mentioned below, the trap is this one: and I followed the first post only by Birdman.
I tested it by visiting the script in my browser, and I was promptly banned (my ftp was open so I altered the .htaccess back to unban me). A couple of points:
– As it is, the screen just displays ‘Goodbye’ when the script is activated.
– The error page replacements I use (for 404 / 403) are below the activation, so the 403 was not displayed. I want them displayed, so I will tinker later with the placement of the relevant part of the .htaccess. I also have personal bans in place, and these reside below this new addition.

I have not as yet had any bots banned, but I’ll give it a while. I’m also going to set up at least one more fake directory and tell the bots not to go near it, but include the script there. After all, another trap won’t hurt me will it 🙂