Bandwidth and a Trap

Thanks to charle97 in the WP forums, I’ve now got a bad bot trap working on here.
I checked my bw just after midnight – use was over 103meg just today and that’s just stupid – it’s only a blog ! I’ve noted one small change I might make to the file that does the killing, but it’s a very minor alteration. I had been running with a relatively large ‘robots.txt’ file, but that did me no good at all – hopefully this will do the trick.

3 thoughts on “Bandwidth and a Trap

  1. I use a bot blocker along with tar pit. It’s pretty essential nowadays to have a layered approach. I’m sick to the eye teeth of referral spamming and needed something to stop them. Search engine bots that were run by companies which provided a paid service to their customers was another huge problem…they were chewing up my bandwidth so I put a stop to that with the blockers.

    Mark, my site doesnt have the useful documentation that yours does – it’s just rambling rubbish – but it’s amazing that I still have to watch for bandwidth hogs. Search engine companies and referral spammers are the big culprits…my thoughts turn nasty when I think of them…

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