More site stuff

I mentioned several posts ago, and I finally got round to trying to track them down. And I can’t. Using the good tools over at dnsstuff I found the site for the company, so they now have an email from me asking for their assistance. So far – since midnight – they have (according to webalizer), hit this site 598 times. Strikes me as rather a lot does that ! (last month, their hits were 26891)
The other webalizer stat showed that last month, hit 13339 times. This one is tricky to track – I can’t find almost anything out there from that information, save that they are based in Italy. Anyone able to help with this ?

IP addresses – wouldn’t it be so much simpler if each country had a unique prefix ? I know that by re-routing spammers and the likes could get round IP blocking. Anyway, after some idiot left an abusive guestblock, I blocked his IP, and I also removed two blanket wildcard bans I had. I was blocking two IP’s quite highly (123.123.*.* format) and I can’t recall why, so I’ve removed them.

And I literally just got this:
We will need your name,id number, adress etc to be abel to help you.
Med vänlig hälsning

Hmmm…reply sent.

I wonder if I can ban Sweden ?