Site fiddling yet again

In about 35 minutes, the server will let me know just how much I used in Bandwith in September. Given that my original bw limit was about 600meg/month, I’m looking at over 5 times that. Now I’m not being hassled about this, but it’s daft to ignore it, so I’m playing with things.
The header image has been cut in size by 33%, the CSS by 20%, I’ve culled some links, and unless I change it back, one less days posts are being shown – and it’s still a tad too large a download.
The main issue is the chaos images – and I do not want to lose them.I will look though at further squeezing the image file size. One option to reduce page size / appearance is to get rid of a lot of the links. Not get rid as in discard, but get rid as in move them to a page just for links. Advantage is that I can fix a smaller page size and it will load a wee bit quicker, but a disadvantage is that links on a ‘portal’ page may not get seen. I’m not sure of this – I’ve looked at the links I have and I won’t remove any, but the portal page is not something I’m totally happy with. I could gzip the page code… that might help.

I shall play around …… about time I played with code here 🙂

3 thoughts on “Site fiddling yet again

  1. IMHO – bandwidth planning needs to be done in good time as you are doing. I am beginning to think about the same stuff. The funny thing is – it is amazing how things can begin to mount up over a period of say three months -. I have still got a bit of headroom atthe404 – at the moment. But if you get stuck there is always wp-blogger 🙂

  2. “Your quota is set to 1048576000 bytes ( 1000.0 MB ), and your site has consumed 2578166764 bytes ( 2458.731 MB ) beyond that quota.”

    Nearly 3.5 gig.

    I knew that when I did get a gallery online that bw would blip up temporarily, and that my images wouldn’t help, but this surprises even me.

    Expanding the WP help section adds too – I’m expecting more hits when 1.3 comes out, even though is there is only one 1.3 specific page there, and the new CSS will not be covered.

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