Just spend a while personalising my localhost wiki. Didn’t help that once I’d tidied up the pages and was left with some dead pages I couldn’t see how to delete them. Daft as it was, I have two logins – me and WikiSysop. Once I got the top login, twas most easy. It looks a bit obtuse under the cover, and initially it threw me, but in the end charging in and treating it just like a regular webpage did the trick. So now I’ve a logo that is mine, lots of wiki stuff that I will never need is gone from the side menu, and the front page, which was a little cluttered, is now clean. (The stuff in the ‘navigation’ box looks really complex. Just cut out everything between the <li> and </li> tags and then insert a regular href with an absolute url)
I mentioned a wiki over at Blogtackular and I have to say it’s now an essential item in my machine.
The ability to create pages fast, paste stuff in, have it saved, have it easily retrieveable and yet not have a desktop or folder cluttered with dozens of .txt files is a huge help, and I don’t now lose information. Mediawiki is probably a little heavy for just me and what I’m doing, but having said that, it’s very fast and doesn’t stress the machine, so it matters not really I guess.