Bob’s coming along quite well..lvl 27, Str 80, Dex 52, Vit 62, En 26. Main weapons are two gemmed axes which deal 3-90 and 2-70 damage respectively. Kurast Bazaar Waypoint just found, gold in excess of 160K. Took quite a while to get some decent gems to socket, and I wish I’d got 2 3-socket axes, not just the one, but the armoured guy seems to be coping quite well.
I know there is a shed-load of experience still to be got between now and the confrontation at the end of Normal, so I think I’ll make sure I’m lvl 30 at least before I go meet the big red one. Took me bloody ages to kill that with my Assassin – lvl 30 or close I think – but given the weapons and strategy difference, it’s tricky to tell just what will happen (apart from a ridiculous amount of bloodshed 🙂 ) Big purple pots are being created and stored !

I also got round to installing the software for my Minidisc (Sonic stage) and additionally Simple Burner and a dinky program that will create covers for the MD jewel cases and the MD’s themselves. The latter is in German, but so far it’s working just fine. I’m hoping SimpleBurner works this time (it crashed on start before the reinstall) then I can create my own discs and bring them in – much nicer than using the SS import bit.

And isn’t it amazing just how much a block of tofu and a box of mushrooms shrink when you stirfry them ? Stil taste damn good though 🙂

4 thoughts on “Diablo2

  1. Diablo is scarily addictive. I played it awhile ago but didn’t own the game. It was the kind of game that I’d play for eight hours straight and then I’d suddenly come to my senses and say “Where did that time go?!?!”

    I agree with you on the stir fry of mushrooms and tofu. Ummm. You should probably try it with some oyster sauce. If I can remember what brand my (Chinese) mother-in-law suggested, I’ll try and pass that info along.

  2. Big D in normal can be the hardest boss to face for some characters. My necromancers fear him. In fact I have one that has been spending his time clearing out the chaos sanctury getting experience, but cant work up the courage to activate him.

    Try and maximize fire and lightning resists, that may make things a bit more manageable.

  3. I think that his resists don’t really kick in until lvl 30, so before I go open the five portals I’ll have to have a damn good look through what equipment and jewels / runes etc I’ve got.

    Mind – this is still only end of Act IV I’m talking, and I’ve yet to clobber Mephisto. Need to get past a good number of ‘mages’ in there ….

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