I’m working on a site for someone with a UK based server – and I love those. Everything is so fast. This one is hosted by uklinux and there are some quite amusing texts in the server window too – nice (or should that be geeky) touch :). My server is somewhere in the US and is noticeably slower .. does the job, just takes it’s time (I’m not moaning Jo, just making an observation ! 😉 )

I installed xoops yesterday to have a play around with ( following a conversation with Jo) and although I’ve not had a lot of time to play and see what’s what, I would like to see what it’s like as a blogging app. My guess – and from posts in the WP support forums – are that it’s too much of a heavyweight for this, and won’t be as feature rich as WP, but then it’s not primarily designed as a blog tool. Be interesting to play with though – I may even learn something !

And I chose today’s image deliberately – it’s two rings in one …… big romantic me :love:

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