Crayons replaced

I hadn’t realised until I had cause to look at it earlier that the Explosion in a crayon factory was missing some patterns. It may even have looked tame. Not good. So I have rectified the situation. My apologies for not offending your eyes in the way I intended 🙂

The WordPress Help now has a section on changing Smilies, a guide to moving your blog from one domain to another, and a listing of the currently available methods of fighting comment spam. I’m working on another section but I can’t get the content quite right just yet, so it’ll have to wait. Most of the work there is also now on the new WordPress Wiki though I dare say it will benefit from the additional help that is available on there !

Firefox. I was playing with themes last night, and the Modern theme seems to cause me all sorts of image problems. I’ve dumped it now – even though until Orbit Grey is released it’s my favourite, but does anyone else have that problem with that theme ? The effect would be that images / css on pages just wouldn’t load, even with CTRL-F5. Maybe I need to do a reinstall …..

Infocom. The BBC has released a slightly jazzed up version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The core is the same and although it’s not on my list of favourite text adventures, it’s quite cool – HHGTTG.

GMail invites – I have run out now ! No more requests !

Diablo2. Bob has spread the considerable butt of Duriel all over the floor 🙂 Bit of a close thing though as I rushed the level and cubed some huge Rejuv potions. I’ve just landed in Kurast, but I think taking some time to go back to the desert to complete it may be wise … those little jungle guys with the spears are nasty beyond their size. Can’t yet decide quite how I’m using ATMA, but I suppose as I get more characters into the game it will make more sense ?
It is very enjoyable as a Barb though. No hanging back and waiting for the skeletons (Necro) or magic (Sorc / Assassin) to do the job – I just steam right in with axes glinting 🙂

And on that note …… back to the Desert Temples I go !