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I play with CSS a lot. A testblog I have I regularly reset the css after trying out all manner of wierdness that I come across. It’s fun to do, and I learn bits here and there. There is some css that I would like to implement on here (or in a future version of here) but the desired effect is only seen in Firefox / Mozilla. IE and it’s variants do not show the effect – it doesn’t break them, but it doesn’t work without cludging. And I’m not going to cludge anymore.

The BBC among others has pondered the possible development of Google making it’s own browser. Now whether or not they do, they made a bad start in that they have hired IE people to do the job. Doesn’t strike you as inspiring given IE’s history does it ? Moving forward a year, there could concievebly be another way of browsing the net, and that means another set of ways of coding around it’s flaws (unless of course they make it w3c standards compliant). Now who wants to have to do that ?
Looking at IE again. It’s over 7 years old. Okay, so they’ve added bits here and there, but as far as I can see, essentially the core is ancient. I certainly cannot find any technology in my house that is so old yet expected to perform at today’s expectations. (In fact, find ANY program on your computer that is over seven years old but which you still use despite it’s many bugs – and no, DOS doesn’t count). M$ haven’t bothered with developing for the mac, and even as long ago as last June, they said that they had discontinued new development but would bug-fix. So if the company have given up and intend on making the end-user pay, why should people who write code (or like me, people who play with css) continue to support the product when there are perfectly decent alternatives out there ?

Putting the likes of ” text-align: center; /* IE 5.5 hack */ ” in a stylesheet is doing the end-user no favours is it ? What we are doing is supporting M$

If sites keep putting cludges into their code so that IE users can see the site as intended, then people just won’t get the message that (1) IE is crap and (2) there really are other browsers. We have code that can send messges to IE users (top of the menu people – Firefox users don’t see that logo or message) so let’s use it.

The internet does still exist if the blue e is not on the desktop ! And guess what – you’ll learn that when M$ do release their next full version of IE because you’ll have to buy the full OS to get it (which means getting it by torrent will be useless too – if you were going to be that foolish (not the illegality, but the downloading of IE !)). In other words, they will abandon you – dump them first (you know that makes sense).
It’s a bit like the current anti-spam issues, with M$ wanting to license their code contribution despite undoubtedly huge efforts by numerous people using the GPL to provide a world-wide solution to spam. M$ didn’t invent the net, they didn’t invent most of the technology behind communicating over the net. It’s not their plaything but they are determined to make us pay for everything they can possibly squeeze out of us.

So that’s why from now, if I do use any new css, I will not make any changes to perfectly good code just so IE can understand it. No changes. None. And who am I to proclaim this ? No-one really, I’m just a bloke with a blog. But it’s my blog, and that’s the way I want it to be.

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  1. So what browser do you suggest? I am not crazy about IE and I definately don’t like haveing to code around it. I have netscape, opera and mozilla and none of them really tickle my fancy either.
    I have used and like CSS but I think I am unaware of the “cool effect” to which you refer. Maybe I should look a little more.

  2. In fact, find ANY program on your computer that is over seven years old but which you still use despite itΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s many bugs

    My PC was bought (just over) seven years ago and I still use Win95 and IE5. What do I win? πŸ˜‰
    I do use Firefox for most browsing though as IE5 mangles a lot of blogs, even though it makes my P166 work hard.

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