And not near me either !

Kevin Spacey (didn’t care for American Beauty or the Usual Suspects myself) has said what must have been painfully obvious to everyone except the guilty – to switch off their phones and not to eat sweets when at the theatre. Admirable. Good stuff. If I was a theatregoer I’m sure I’d be booking seats at the Old Vic right now. But what about outside the theatre ? We matter too you know !

Thinking just about mobiles and sweets (why are they in those far too noisy crinkly wrappers ?), I don’t want people sitting right next to me on the bus doing those things either. I especially don’t want those idiots who have one of those ‘in-ear’ gizmos and who seem to pretend that they absolutely have to be totally contactable at all times but then sit choosing a bloody ring-tone – it just annoys the rest of us. Crisps – don’t eat them near me either ! You always want the crisp at the bottom of the bloody packet, you insist on chewing with your mouth open, and listening to you wrestle the empty packet into submission gets so bad that some days I just want to thump you.
Here’s a handy hint for some natives – shops and buses expect money – yes, cash ! I stood waiting for a bus for about 15 minutes the other day, just behind some woman aged about 50 (I think). 15 minutes. Bus pulls up. She gets on. Driver asks for money. She looks at him, looks at her bag, looks at him, decides to find purse. Purse is – of course at the very bottom of the bag. Eventually she gets the cash, and he prints the ticket. She then does not take the ticket – far too simple – but choses instead to rearrange the contents of said bag. WTF is THAT all about ??
It’s like in banks and at tills – people have paid, they have been given the receipt, but do they move away and make room for the next person ? Nope. They stand there and check pockets, talk to the shop assistant, check their purse, move the receipt from one location to another before eventually shifting their butts away. Get a grip people !
Scarily, these people not only have the vote, they can breed too !

6 thoughts on “And not near me either !

  1. Theyre the same people who pay for a mars bar with a credit card when youre standing behind them in the queue and have to be back at work in 10 minutes, who then proceed to get their own signature wrong and have to write a cheque instead.:stress:

  2. It’s weird isn’t it – this contrast in payment methods at counters. People seem to fall into two categories. The ‘I wanna get the hell outa here as fast as I can’ types, who have money in hand and the ‘I have no idea about anything – including where I put all my loose coins’ types who look like they are lost in oblivion as they slowly go about their daily shopping.
    Maybe shopping places should split the checkouts into more applicable categories. The ‘No – I have not taken my money of out yet’ and the ‘Yes – I am ready to roll’.
    I really believe it would work, but it is common sense and that never figures very prominently in shopping mentilty does it?

  3. Having worked in a shop, my biggest ever gripe was people just like you mentioned – no money ready, fumbling about in pockets/handbags/wallets, all whilst completely ignoring me, the person trying to help them. Why? Because they had a fucking mobile phone glued to their ear and were trying to do everything one-handed! It got to the stage in the end where I asked for and got permission from my manager to refuse service until they ended their oh-so-important conversation, usually about what they wanted for their tea or how many pints they necked the night before.

    Now working in a call centre my biggest gripe is people who call for technical support while they’re on a mobile in a car breaking the speed limit and I can hear nothing but static. Then they get pissed off at me when I tell them it might help if they were near their PC…

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