There is a new guide in the WordPress section here. It covers using the FileZilla ftp client to sort a site out. Any suggestions to improve it – I can see a couple of holes myself – are very welcome. How to use the FileZilla FTP program.

I’ve found a photoblog script !!!!! At last a script that works just how I want, and is really easy to use. I have 2 galleries set up but just need to alter the css and a core file or two, then I’ll drop the links here. Just today I must have installed, tried and deleted 4 scripts which doesn’t sound a lot until you take into account the configuring, playing with images, css etc. I am very very pleased indeed 🙂
Two days should see me beginning another site for someone who wants to sell stuff. She’s drawing all the pages right now so that I have more of an idea and then when we get together it’s just the fine-tuning that should be needed.

And I forgot to ring the GP …… tut tut me.

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  1. Nice isn’t it? You might mention that you can chmod directories (folders) too which would be necessary to use the “image upload” facility. Also, instead of bringing up the “Site Manager” screen all the time, if you click on the little “down-arrow” it shows your site name which you can click on to connect. This is quicker anyway but if you have multiple sites it’s very much quicker. This is just a thought, but you might take the version number out else you’re going to have to keep updating it. Just say to download the latest release. I don’t think they do “nightlies” or such like.

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