Feeling somewhat better this morning after continuing to feel crap yesterday despite chomping through a stack of bananas and drinking enough to float a squad of rubber ducks. I think a trip to the GP to get my Lithium levels is in order – and it’s very overdue as J keeps reminding me. Oddly enough, I reinstalled Xampp this morning and included in that is a Biorhythm thing, so I plugged in my DOB and clicked go. And it showed that 2 days ago my physical line hit bottom. Coincidence ?

I was using xampp 1.4.6 which has php5 and I was sure I had wp1.3 working (by some convoluted route of installing 1.2, it failing, importing the db, then deleting 1.2, putting 1.3 files in place, running upgrade – or something like that) but I couldn’t get it to repeat this morning so I deleted everything, and started again. So now I have xampp 1.4.4 and mediawiki 1.3.3 – and now I get php syntax highlighting. Strangely, the version of mediawiki I had was the same as before, but now not only does it look better (tabs at the top of each page) but like I said the syntax highlighting works too. Must be a php5 thing maybe ?

Diablo2 …… to use ATMA or not ? Hmm…….

3 thoughts on “Xampp

  1. ATMA. Great program. Depends if you want to mule stuff or not. Its when you come across equipment that cant be used by one character but could be used by another, or set and unique pieces, that you have to make a choice… whether to ditch them or not.

    My latest character is using only the items he can find, but I still mule across items that he finds but has no use for… Never know when an item will come in handy.

  2. Yep it is a great big stash, but a great big stash that can be used by all your characters. I also use it for managing my characters, especially the ones holding my gems and runes.

    And well done to Bob. Next up is that big slug Duriel.

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