Upgraded a couple of days ago, and so far I have no issues at all. The following extensions are all working properly:
Gmail notifier
Status bar date/time
Web Developer
Mouse Gestures
Single Window
Cute menus
Download them all
Download Sort

I mentioned this on the bombsite and both Stuart and Root are having problems with the Web Developer, yet Stuart has Calendar working and when I tried last night I still couldn’t get it working. Odd. I think it’s partly because even on the Mozilla site there seem to be different versions for the same extension, and in 2 cases I used a mirror site to get working extensions (and I’ve forgotten the address).
The nice touches are the appearance of the web address when on a secure site and the new RSS icon – though I’ll stick with Abilon.

Headache and cramp has returned so bananas are being munched and fluids being taken. I’ll head out later to get some juice and make the ‘isotonic’ type thing that Stuart mentioned in a comment below. I used to make and drink such a concoction when I worked on a secure unit – the windows never opened far enough to allow decent ventilation and sometimes there was far too much going on to get to a locked kitchen – it worked then, so I ought to try it again.

4 thoughts on “Firefox1.0PR

  1. I should have mentioned that my “Calendar” plugin isn’t the one in the “extensions”. I’ve never been able to get that working either and if you look through the comments there seems to be a lot of others with the same problem. I’ve always used the one in the link ever since I used Mozilla Suite. You can install it into FF or TB, whichever takes your fancy. Now you know I know about “Abilon” which I like but I installed the “Sage” extension into FF and I’m finding it rather good even if it has only been a couple of days so far. Give it a try.

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