Poets ? or just bloody lazy ?

Got up feeling a bit odd, and within an hour or so had a pounding headache on the right side of my head – under the scar again – which was accompanied by vomiting and dizziness. Odd because I’ve eaten nothing odd, hadn’t otherwise felt ill and then it would all go for about 15-20 minutes before returning just as bad. Paracetamol did nothing as usual, and we’d run out of ibuprofen. Nothing seemed to either dull the pain or break the cycle, then at about 3:45pm the pain dulled to a liveable level (where it is now) but the nausea remained. I’ve challenged the nausea by eating (tofu, noodles, mushrooms, blackeyed beans) so I’ll either hurl a colourful mess very soon, or I’ll be fine. I want the latter 🙂

Huge thanks go to Craig and Bri for the wonderful gifts – thanks very much both !

The post title. Social Services rang to say that a Social Worker would be round at 3pm today to do the Care Assessment. Because I’d felt so ill, I’d not gone to bed in case I fell asleep and by 3pm, I was really fed up. But the door stayed quiet. At 3:35pm, the phone rang and J answered. The SS office were calling to say that the SW had gone to our previous address, knocked on the door there, not got an answer, rang the office to check the address, was given our new address and had decided that she did not have time therefore to come along to do the assessment. Now WTF is that all about then ?? They not only had our current address – I confirmed it over the phone the other day, but our front door is about 60 FEET away from our old front door. SIXTY FEET. Hardly a huge drive away through masses of traffic IS IT ?

“Social Workers are lazy, incompetent wastes of oxygen”. Discuss.

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