I think that’s what is causing it, and I know someone commented here – Craig ? – that it could be a possible reason some time ago – I didn’t follow up on it. Tut tut me. My calf muscles cramped since that last entry and I dimly recalled the comment, so I’ve been chugging water and juice since. My meds can’t help I guess as any oddness in sodium levels throws that into a nasty spiral. I just need to remember to drink more. Be nice if that is the reason – the headaches are horrible.

6 thoughts on “Dehydration

  1. De-hydration and lack of salt/sodium can go hand-in-hand. As my trade is in the foundry industry de-hydration due to the high temperatures experienced in working conditions was recognised as a serious problem. As workers would tend to sweat a lot whilst working this could cause de-hydration if they didn’t drink enough but as sweating also excretes salt/sodium this could also lead to severe cramping so it was a combination thing. We used to supply our moulders/casters/furnacemen with an orange cordial that contained added salt. It was truly one of those things that tasted far worse than it sounded.

  2. Thanks for the info !

    It’s more than likely me simply forgetting to drink enough fluids, but being on Lithium means that your diet when you start on it is important to how the body copes, so alterations in that make the Lithium go off.

    And my diet is .. well …. crap 🙂
    When I drank, I cooked, and I ate. But when I stopped, not only was there a strong association between cooking and boozing, but also because I wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t getting the munchies, so my diet went odd, and has pretty much stayed that way. It tends toward quick-fix carbs / sugers .. yea yea.. I know 🙂

    Still…. if fluids can keep the headaches at bay, that’ll do me.

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