I have orange hands !

Apart from 5 pages which I shall get round to, and some SE optimisation (I hope), the newly overhauled abody site is now open, looking good, xhtml valid and a damn sight better ‘under the hood’. Hopefully Neil will get round to taking my picture off the front soon. (And if you do go look, check out the top row in Male Colour !)

I’m writing a plugin for wp too ! Now if I posted this as a request in #wordpress, I have not the slightest doubt that someone there could write it in less than 2 minutes (including a yawn break) but for me, it’s tricky. I shall persevere. I’m bogged down in maths right now.

Hopefully I’ll now get time to play with some CSS and possibly even work on a new layout for this place. .. and the orange hands ? Henna.

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