‘Let’s Go!’

Back to virtuality ……. new wordpress guide thing done (first draft anyway) though my head is that tired today it felt like I was dragging every word out. Had to be done though as I want to concentrate on finishing the abody site tomorrow.

Firefox upgraded – properly this time. I did it over some old stuff – tut tut – so I got the errors today. It takes me longer to upgrade Firefox than it does WordPress – and I do mean all the configuring too. That said, if their servers weren’t so overloaded, it might have been quicker.

Games. Took Burnout3 back (I really didn’t like it you know!) and got a bunch of PC games instead. I also found, while digging through stuff here, my Lemmings game, and I LOVE lemmings. I’ve done it all once, but what the hell, why not do it again ? The disc has the Original and ‘Oh No more..’ on, so I’ve been looking for Lemmings 2: Tribes and Holiday Lemmings (I had an Amstrad CPC when they came out, and it didn’t appear for that in so many titles) but I can’t find them anywhere – Underdogs had some sort of DOS file, but I can never figure what to do with those (I am GUI man !) so if you know … or have any files ……. I’ll be happy 🙂 🙂

And I installed Diablo2 again. I have got over the loss of my Assassin, and now have a Barbarian wandering round with his not so friendly axe (chipped diamond / ruby at present). I called him Bob. Bob the Barbarian. Though by the time he gets to Diablo, I expect he will be known through the kingdom as ‘Beelzebub’s Older Brother’ 😆
Also installed: Alpha Centauri, Settlers IV and Warcraft III.

I’ll write about books tomorrow maybe.. read a few more.