Burnout 3:Takeitback

Metacritic give this game 94/100, and even EDGE give it 9/10.
Maybe I’m getting old – but I just don’t get it.

Music: Utter utter garbage. If the demographic group that this game is aimed at is to be judged by the ‘music’ they put into it, then I’m out already. And yet the sounds in SSX3 were cool. What gives ?

Graphics: Okay, they’re good. So what ? It’s hardly new technology that the game is on (be that xbox or PS2) and it’s a fact that console graphics improve over time as developers get more to grips with the system. So the graphics should be shit hot. We should expect this level of performance, not be astounded by it.

Menu Control: Poor. Several times when playing, I had pressed keys during the end countdown, only for the system to then skip the next couple of screens because of what I had pressed, even though it should not have done. That’s bad programming. Don’t these programmers know to flush the buffers ? Also on the menu, if there are 2 choices, I like to be able to hold a direction and the highlighted choice to keep moving. For instance, when it’s a horizontal menu, and I press down, it flips between both choices. This game doesn’t. Not a biggie I know, but an irritation all the same.

Gameplay: This has it ? Really ? Where ? It feels like a choreographed dance, a dance where you must follow the steps exactly if you expect to move on. I’ve done several races – won a couple – and have won just under 19 million on the Crash Tour. Wow …. yea… err … Press Go, hit stuff and watch without any control while the game engine decides how to play things. That’s a game ? Again, it feels like I need to copy the steps to achieve, but it feels like I’m copying them, not playing. If I wanted to copy, I’d go play Simon.

Online Play: Why why why why do they push this and load all the code – code which has taken how long to create and which will remain UNUSED by the vast majority of players onto the cd’s ? Why ? Instead, why not release online-enabled cd’s and non-online enabled cd’s – then see how much you sell. And make the non-enabled cd’s cheaper. I don’t want to know how bloody fantastic a game is online – I don’t want to play console games online. At all. Ever.


2 thoughts on “Burnout 3:Takeitback

  1. So, what are you saying? You sound a bit wishy-washy with your review, Markie! Maybe you should come right out and say EXACTLY what you think! 😉

    I would bet that the gameplay, such as it is, would be boring after about ten minutes. Maybe my 8 year-old would like it. We will be renting this game, not buying it! 🙂

  2. I guess it just wasn’t your type of game. I’ve bought it mainly on Edge’s recommendation and love it. It certainly a fast paced and thrilling racer, some good innovation in items like the crash tour and excellent in two player mode.

    It seems like a perfect console game in my opion and i imagine it will appeal to the majority of PS2 oweners, it’s got a good deal of depth for the more hardcore crowd yet at the same time has the option to just have a quick race with your mates for the more mainstream gamer.

    All in all well worth the cash, i certainly won’t be returning it!

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