I found the ads !

All that stuff about gmail reading emails and showing ads .. I’ve been using the thing for what, 3 months ??, and tonight, for the first time, I noticed the ads. Like wow.. how intrusive must they be eh ? Or I’m just tuning them out subconsciously.

3 thoughts on “I found the ads !

  1. Lol, I never notice them, it’s so easy to ignore them. I had to tell a friend this when I asked did he want one…he had just read all the paranoia about it and thought they’d be pop-up’s and flash ads all over the place with big banner ads appeded to each message he sent and received. The reality was certainly a little different.

  2. One has to wonder how useful those ads are since it is so easy to tune them out. I suppose someone out there pays attention to every google ad that shows up … but I agree that they are so subtly placed and formatted that I almost never even realize they are there.

  3. I only found them because I was exchanging a lot of emails, so kept hitting reload, so found myself looking more at the pages than I normally would.

    I do think we just tune them out though.

    And I have just realised my alternating comment colours have stopped – I shall explore why!

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