Voluntary Euthanasia Society. Half ‘would help loved ones die’ – I will.

They have surveyed not 1% or even half a percent but 0.00066% of the population – Prolife Party – and of course this bunch survey SOOOOOOOOO many more people DON’T THEY ?

From The Pro-Life site:
Surely the response of a compassionate society is to alleviate the pain, to love and comfort the patient and to try and restore a sense of self-worth until death comes naturally.

  • alleviate the pain” is not always possible without adversely affecting mental acuity, so what then ?
  • love and comfort the patient” – what ? Your stupid party will do this ? And what about the person, the person dying, the person in pain, the person who sees that their pain is being felt by those closest to them ? The person who knows that they want their loved ones to remember them as fit, able, happy, smiling, not paralysed, crying, a burden.
  • try and restore a sense of self-worth” – HOW ? The drugs for the pain render them stuporous, their ability to feed themselves and attend to basic personal hygiene may be severely limited or non-existent, they may be unable to move themselves, unable to do virtually anything for themselves, and some idiot from the Pro-Life party is going to try and give them an ego-boost ? Get real.

These are the sort of do-gooders I loathe and despise, dispensing what they see as sage advice for all to droolingly follow while they sit there in their ivory bloody tower, unaffected by disabling illnesses, unaffected by the wishes of a person because they know better..

Has anyone thought about how upsetting it must be for someone who did have a full life, who did have variety, who did have prospects, who did have hopes and aspirations to wake from a dream, a dream where they were back as they were, a dream where they could walk, run, play, a dream where they were as good as they were before, a dream that gets cruelly shattered when they open their eyes and suddenly remember that their legs don’t work ? And for this to happen every single morning ?

We do not ask to be brought into this world, but we must be free to open the door to leaving it if that is what we truly want.


Just read the P-L site some more:
Q. If someone is old and ill and unhappy and wants to die, why should they not be allowed to do so with dignity instead of lingering on in pain?
A. This sounds fine but the reality is somewhat different. The truth is that other people would be choosing death for a particularly vulnerable group.

So THEY are saying you MUST live then, regardless ?? And you MUST live because other people are choosing that for you too ? Where does self-determination come into this pathetic bunch ?

A conscious informed patient who is mentally competent is legally entitled to refuse treatment
So they might respect this wish, knowing that the person will then die, but allowing a person to actively choose to exit the world in what would be a quicker and more pain-free way would not be allowed ? Isn’t that a bit like “You can choose whatever you want so long as you choose what I want you to choose” ?

We seek to ensure the right to life of all, the most basic and fundamental human right.
This is NOT about a right to LIFE. This is about being allowed a RIGHT TO DIE. They are different.

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