Tabular ?

The new front abody page has been judged okay. I’m updating the hellish mess over there, and getting it all sparkly. Minor pages are done, and in the next day or so I’ll tackle the galleries (one script per gallery needs doing) but I’m wondering about the Price List page. The way I’m looking at it, that’s 5 columns of css I need, all floating left (btw, the guys have asked for a 1024*768 layout size) which in itself isn’t a problem. But is it tabular data ? If it is, I could just tidy those tables and still get compliance. What do you reckon – css or tables ? I know which I’m thinking 😉

4 thoughts on “Tabular ?

  1. dl / dt ….. guess I ought to learn all that stuff then 🙂

    And me ? 5 col css is what I prefer. Main reason being I could use their preferred colour to provide a bit more definition to the page. But I shall consult my books on those two tags !

  2. Position absolute will do it but then you are going to lose CSS 1 legacy browser compliance. IMHO that is a *bad thing*. Tabular data always looks nicer when it is centralised. The blue fancy bits at left could go above / below or in the bg maybe. I have loads of ideas if you need some help.

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