5 into 1

The first draft of the new front page for abody is winging it’s way toward them right now. No js, no tables, valid xhtml and, I think, a much cleaner display. No idea what the guys will say though … I had to grab some images from their site to use as demo images, and the one to the right, of me with 5 fresh piercings, got picked – excuse the crap quality – that is entirely my fault and not indicative of their website. I can stll remember breaking into a sweat when the 3rd needle went in. Smallest hole in left ear now at 7mm.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaay, tomorrow I’ll update the mendel blog to the latest nightly. I’m not doing it here yet because I’m waiting for final – not for code stability reasons, but for the UI reasons – though I guess I should make a list of my file mods here ready for the move. And I really ought to put my wp wiki work in better order – it is nearly done (honest Craig !).

Oh yes, and I bought a supply of Jaffa cakes earlier – I’m set for a few days now !