Feel totally drained and empty today. Not bad bad, just one of those days where your batteries insist that they be recharged. Bleurgh. And we need to move again. Stairs are to much for J now. So the long and pointless search for somewhere else begins again, and we only moved here in April. I’m too knackered to rant about the futility of local councils or such other bodies that apparently exist to help, but they don’t. They exist only as lip service to quiet the minority that need them.

So instead today, I’m going to rip the abody front page to bits and start over. For those that think I can code ( and I believe there are some 🙂 ) go look at the source of that page. It’s got 62 validation errors, no encoding, tables galore and javascript. I did that ! 😆 :yuck: The end result will be no tables, no js, perfect CSS and full validation. Oh yes. It will. I’ll be posting here for browser feedback at some point, but that is what I’m doing – some nice relaxing work.

And I have no jaffa cakes.

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