Another gem from BBC News.

Smokers ‘should not get NHS care’

Okay then….and so shouldn’t:

  1. Drivers from an accident when they were exceeding the speed limit – slow down !
  2. People who have accidents while engaging in extreme sports – tiddlywinks ?
  3. Stress related illnesses – get an easier job then !
  4. People with STD’s – should have worn a condom !
  5. People who drink too much – tonic water .. Mmmmmmm
  6. DIY’ers – pay a bloke who know’s how !
  7. Pregnant women – knees together girls, knees together!
  8. Cyclist who don’t wear helmets – of course they look cool !
  9. Typists with RSI – use ViaVoice ?
  10. Old people – “It’s called Natural Selection dear .. there’s the door..”
  11. Anyone at all employed by Private Health – you’ve got your own hospital

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