Cycling and beans

Nice ride around our village and through to the outer edges of town this morning … I’d say it was relaxing , and it was. I’d say it was peaceful with nice weather, and it was. But my butt hurts, so I won’t 😛

I’ve set up a dupe blog. 1.3 with a 1.2index and a 1.3index. Nightly build of 5/9. It’s there for a couple of reasons:
– so I can use it to test nightlies with my setup (though I do have a fairly vanilla blog)
– so I can play to see what happens and then I’ll be in a better position to answer the inevitable “1.3 has broken my blog” questions which will undoubtedly appear but which will just require a small fix.

It’s not there for people to say on the forums “Look at Mark’ blog and do this and it breaks”, so don’t. Remember – it’s a NIGHTLY and perfect performance is not guaranteed, or expected by me. Please tell ME any errors in comments here or there, not the forums – it could be down to me still. If I know you and you want to poke about the backend, let me know and I’ll give you the login.

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