Testing 1.2.3

Okay, so upgrading right now wasn’t a success. But it was fine from a posting / working point of view, just not from a reading old stuff pov. Anyway……onwards. Tomorrow, I plan on fully duplicating this blog into a separate directory. I will dupe the database, and images will link to the same place as they do now. Plans so far are to see what happens if I change everything BUT index.php (my css stays, as I assume most people’s would). I don’t plan on testing plugins at all, but I would like to play more with the new permalinks structures and have a poke round to see what’s what (menu.php in 1.3 seems much closer to 1.0.2 for the template array for instance). Anything you want me to try and bend while I’m at it ? Btw, I’m not doing it to be horrible, but you can bet people will be very reluctant to have to create a new index.php, so I may as well find out the error messages now 🙂 The only changes that WILL happen is that the two stats will be removed, as will the other plugin which failed but whose name escapes me.

2 thoughts on “Testing 1.2.3

  1. What is going to be very handy when we get there is a step by step 1.2 / 1.3 index conversion. But then many folks are concerned about their plugins and they may not work any way. *Alien* – my first fully themed offering (with graphics ) 🙂 is going to be 1.3 only.

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