Ever do Cycling Proficiency at school ? It’s P.’s turn next week to start that, so bikes have been sorted, brakes checked, everything oiled, tyres inflated and a good few miles covered both to check bikes and legs. Both seem okay ….
The first bike I can remember was just a normal, standard bike – I wasn’t allowed a Chopper. No matter how many times I fell off my bike, a Chopper was always deemed to be too dangerous for me to be given. A mate had a really low ‘Easy Rider’ type chopper which was incredibly cool (I was about 10 at the time) but he was never that generous with letting other people ride it. I’ve two memories of bike riding from being a kid:

  • I’d been biking all day with friends, round villages and such, stopping for drinks and at the tops of hills. Just after one stop, going down a road we had to get onto the pavement (for some reason I forget) so I headed to the kerb and pulled up on the handlebars to flip up – only me and the bike flipped up, and my now free front wheel bounced off the kerb. Someone had loosened the quick-release. Ha-bloody-ha.
  • The other I was riding along no handed. Hot sunny day. No traffic. Tootling along in my own little world. Unbeknown to me, an open-top car drew up behind me. The occupants all screamed and hit the horn, then pissed themselves laughing as I careered through a hedge, hit a low wall and flew into a garden that was a few feet below road level. It’s very funny now, but then I was more than a tiny bit annoyed, oh yes.

Twigs in the spokes so the bike rattled ……. putting segs in our shoes then riding down a steep hill sparking from our heels ….. angling the seat and handles so we looked cool, seeing who could do the best broadside skids. I’m old, I’m reminiscing ! Shoot me nooooooowwwwww 😮

2 thoughts on “Queen

  1. I had a Chopper (yah boo) and even at that age I knew it was cool and just cruised a lot. Everyone else did wheelies, but I quickly found out that it was extremely dangerous to do anything on a Chopper ‘cept cruise 😆

    Then I lost the knob on top of the gear stick so it was just a metal spike….very unnerving….

    But for my cycling proficiency I did it on my brand new 10 speed racer that I hadn’t quite got used to yet. Probably not the best idea but I managed to get through – at that naive age I thought if I didn’t have my badge and was caught by the police on the road I’d wind up in jail and my parents wouldn’t be happy ’bout that 😆

  2. I kicked at a bit of plastic that was hanging off the front fork, missed, planted my foot firmly in the spokes and flew over the handlebars.
    That was the incident that *didn’t* require a stay in hospital…
    Don’t remember there being any cycling proficiency classes while in school though.

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