A book arrived a couple of days ago. It’s the CSS Cookbook, and it was a gift from someone for the WordPress stuff I do. On the forums, it’s nice when someone takes the time to pop back and say “Thanks” for you helping them out and it happens quite frequently. Once you put up a webpage though – and this is certainly not exclusive to me – and the information is there 24/7, I can see the hit counter going up, and I know the repeat rate is between 3 and 4, but if no-one says anything, or takes the time to drop a block on my guestblock, then it does make you wonder, so having someone not just take the time to say thanks, but also to buy me a book is wonderful, it really is – and it’s an excellent book (well it is from the O’Reilly stable – their books amuse me actually as you get a registration card, just like when you buy a new dvd player or microwave. Those you duly complete and send off because it forms part of the guarantee. But a book ? Do I call if I crease a page ? 😆 ) so I now have even less of an excuse for not knowing even more CSS. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Hi Mark,
    With regards to your guestblocks – do you want people to do more than one? I thought it was for one visit only, but will do more if that is what you wish.
    If I am honest, sometimes I do not make comments on your site because I get tired of waiting for them to open. It is not a consistent thing, but this morning for instance it took approximately 49 secs to open the comment section. Once it is in my cache it is quicker it seems and many times it is absolutely no problem at all, so I am not sure what is causing it. I suspect, but could be totally wrong, that it is the waypath.
    It is very nice that people send you books as a means of saying thank you. You do a lot of work for people Mark and obviously people appreciate it.
    And expecting comments back – it’s one of those very frustrating areas for all webite owners isn’t it? I find that on the posts I make which take a lot of effort and are generally very interesting, people say nothing and yet I make a silly post and there is a crowd queueing to respond. It’s all very weird.

  2. Just removed the bits and deactivated the plugin. I have no idea that it could take so long – I certainly wouldn’t wait around on a site for that.

    And comments – yes it IS wierd. Some posts I have made and just known that comments would happen, but with others it is so unpredictable. In some ways thats good, because sometimes they occur in posts that I haven’t thought through, so it makes me sit back a bit and think again – no bad thing.

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