3 thoughts on “Asides pt2

  1. This is really, really lazy of me Mark and feel free to point me to the forum (although I’m not in the habit of visiting there as much yet), but is there a difference to doing this in 1.2? I’m just about to start modularising 1.3 on my local server and I was just going to drop my old code in.

  2. Yes 🙂

    There is a new line in 1.3 (the first one listed on the guide) which does not exist in 1.2.
    It’s a long time since I looked at the default 1.2 index, but 1.3 is much leaner because of how it pulls in the info from separate files now (header / footer) and it was because of some problems there that I put this together. Apart from that one line, it’s the same 🙂

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