Into the tray

I installed MediaWiki a couple of days ago. I am reliably informed by Matt and Carthik that this tool is indispensable, so I’ll give it a whirl. Key difference though is that those two guys are busy and have lots of projects – I don’t. ๐Ÿ˜ Still, new software to play with is cool.
One thing that bugs me when using xampp (on which Mediawiki is running) is that it takes up a chunk of the taskbar – and I hate a cluttered taskbar. I don’t mind Firefox open twice and a dozen tabs in each window, but seeing as xampp was just opening a command prompt, it annoyed me. But no more !
rbtray minimizes it, and anything else to the tray – and I do like things in the tray. It’s a 20K download, freeware and comes with source too (for the geeks). So take right now – I’ve 2 FF windows, Thunderbird and Winamp in the taskbar, with xampp and Abilon in the tray. Much much better.
Anyway – Mediawiki. Given my needs I’m not sure how it will be better than text files which I have been using, but it will enable me to get to grips with wiki syntax which I need to know more of. (Like styling lists – that’s my first task).

I’ve decided to gallery all the images I’m using here too. Not sure yet whether to use those that you see, or the 320*320 .bmp originals, and how to do it. Hmm.

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