So what’s the betting that pretty soon SixApart announce how great a take-up of their Typekey service there has been ? And why soon ? Because you need to register for a Typekey account to get hold of the download. Pretty cheesy way to go..
Anyway, I have the program and I’ll install it onto my machine – once I have summoned the energy to decipher the .cfg file again. Imagine this was a piece of the OS that needed installing on your machine, and it needed you to complete all manner of details about your soundcard, drive speed, latency, keyboard type, screen refresh rate.. etc – would you really bother ?? And people say that the WP install can be bothersome – hey, if you are coming from MT, it’s easier than something very very easy indeed. And in 1.3, it’s easier than that.

So do I intend to move this blog over to MT ? No. Not a chance in hell. Ever.