Either someone is hacking the hell out of them and they dare not admit it, or Google hate the fact that some clever people have come along and made neat functional plugins for programs like Firefox so that us users can have our mail checked remotely and frequently. My Firefox extension wouldn’t log in – it’s happened before when G changed their program, so I go to the site.
The idiots are using a ‘Captcha’. What crap THAT is. It destroys functionality in plugins, and in terms of making their site accessible, they f*cked that too. Been in the same room as someone who has much reduced eyesight when they hit a captcha ? You may as well cover the screen with bricks when they need that site if there is such a creation in the way. If they have got a problem, then can they be no more imaginative than THAT ?


It’s now a few hours later.
Their own Gmail Notifier is still available for download, and it’s f*cked too. There is nothing on their help pages, no ‘news’ section or updates.
Thinking about it, this is because the geeks figured a way of turning their gmail accounts into mini server storage areas isn’t it ? But grief, what a STUPID way of doing it. Don’t accessibility laws cover the use of captcha ? They ARE discriminatory.

2 thoughts on “G-bloody-mail

  1. I’ve seen the captcha once…and that was when I was using Safari on my Powerbook. I agree that it sucks and who knows what’s going on as it’s a bot deterrant. I’ve had no problems with their notifier though. They are in beta but I still can’t think of a reason why they would change the access methods to block 3rd party notifiers…except just to be damn pedantic.

    The only thing I like about their notifier is the “Tell me again” function so I don’t have to open a tab if I don’t need to.

  2. I use the FF extension – and it can’t login. Even if I login, it cannot them check my mail.
    I downloaded their own notifier but again, I have to keep a window open, which I’m not prepared to do.
    I also close FF and re-open sometimes simply because of the memory it takes up when I’ve had many windows open – don’t know why, but doing this seems to help – and again, I can’t quietly login, I get to see the damn captcha again.

    Be interesting to see how thing one is worked round – if at all, because if gmail’s captcha can be got, so can any others I guess.

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