Two films & Domesticity

About 3 days ago we asked the girls to give their rooms a good sort out before they head back to school. It took D. 3 days to do it 🙂 And the result, after much washing and wet weather, was a pile of ironing so large it took me TWO films to do it. I don’t mind ironing, and for the most part find it – in an odd way – relaxing, but I can’t just do it. Through experimentation, films are the way. Put film on, iron. I get to see a film I enjoy again, and no huge rushing to get it all done. But TWO films ??? Noooooo

I did ponder trying my T-shirt count though. It is not known how many I possess, so one way is to wear one a day until I run out. Pluses are that I see t-shirts I haven’t seen in ages and I get to know how many I own. The big negative is the ironing after that lot. And speaking of ironing, I’m sure it’s been noted that as a race of people, we are generally getting taller, yet have ironing boards kept pace with evolution ? Ours is too short. Not by much, but it’s about 2 inches below a comfortable height so I end up bending just that tiny tiny bit which though it’s nothing really, aches like hell later. Either I put the ironing board on bricks, or find one that raises to a decent height. I find the same situation with sinks too …. It’s not easy being 6’2″ I tell you !

On the Guestblock, if you let it choose the block for you, there is a chance you could get the fabled gold block you know !

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