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Did you know that if you google for ‘podz blog’ you will find your way here ? I didn’t ……. oh yes, and 310 other people have read THAT post here.

Heard on the news that postal voting in the UK is under fire ? I thought it was important too given that postal voting could have a significant impact on our democratic process. Heard about our pathetic judiciary who sentence an a perverted monstrosity to only a few short years in jail despite the fact he ruined the lives of several young children ? Don’t these and other stories deserve a higher profile than someone who may well have worked hard, who may well be pretty good, but whose achievments (or not) will only benefit herself and no-one else ? That’s not a dig at her – it’s a go at the journo’s who decide what is and what is it not important for the proles to know about.

Looking at the traffic here over the last couple of days, it’s much higher, almost as if people are waiting for me to say something. Or even do something.

This bot needs blocking – and will be –, and somehow, I had 7 hits from people entering this into a search engine: “000020906-0000-0000-C000-000000000046” Eh ??