Banning and finding

I didn’t have an ‘images’ directory, but I needed one – it wasn’t index.php that had the reference, it was the CSS. The offset around the image now looks right again. I really should believe the errors when there are so many, and not be so cavalier when deleting directories.
I have also watched my error and access logs over the last 24 hours, and have been adding to the ban list. I mean, someone – or something – looking for ‘backend.php’ in a wp application isn’t playing ball is it ? (IP for that was I may well have banned someone innocent too, but my email is on the 403 so they can let me know.
I have a feeling as well that direct access to the wp help pages (as opposed to going in from the front) will get a 403. It’s because of the anti-hotlinking htaccess rules … not a whole lot I can do I think though I will see what is possible given the linkage. ALA had something recently that I should read probably.

MS Nurse rang today, and I spoke to her. She asked what was up, so I gave a few details, but I told her that up to now, we’d not really asked for help. Advice at times, but not for real proper help. But now, we were. I was. Appt is in a week or so, so we’ll see what happens then.