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Having things on other pages have the same CSS as this ain’t so easy. Well, actually it is, but it doesn’t look as good. Here, I’ve got the menu which adds to the page, and the width of this bit isn’t too great for line length to become an issue. But on the other pages, I don’t want a menu. So on the bodyart page, which has some writing, the line length seems a bit much, yet on say the freeware page, the list looks lost. I’m a wee bit stuck for ideas right now …. navigation will be using CSS dropdowns so a menu isn’t needed (browser issues ? What browser issues 😉 ), and adding images to break things up doesn’t really help much. One of the reasons I used the css I have for the other pages was that the trade-off was good for each. Hmm..

This word I found interesting given the context in which I found it today: prestige

This word I found provoked a hilarious reaction: WordPress

3 thoughts on “Design ….

  1. Mark what about defining a class for the paragraphs on the non menu pages. Just add a bit of padding or something. Or alternatively set up some padding universally in percentages so it fills out. Just my 2c. Prolly some useability issues I haven’t thought of though. 🙂

  2. It’s certainly not useability – I’m trying to get a 2 column css to only use one, so that’s not fault of the css – that’s me being lazy 🙂

    I might try with padding later, and maybe try some small graphic. Nope.. that’s Vesuvius isn’t it ? Problem could be solved, and I’ve only had the one coffee so far 🙂

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