Sad day today.

Yes, today will indeed be a sad one for this computer. I lost the argument – I have to install M$ Word. I cannot abide that program, yet it’s the only one that J can use, and it’s the program the girls use too at school, so I lose. And you know what’s even worse than that ? I’m not allowed to kill the stupid paperclip or any other infantile animation. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if they just got on with it and never asked me for any help, but they do ! Aaaaargh.
I do have a plan though … right now I’m downloading OpenOffice (64meg zip) and I’ll do my best to persuade the girls to use that instead. I’ve no hope of doing so with J, but young minds can still be formed correctly 🙂

Fiddled around last night and am now using the green theme from not-that-ugly’s site for the admin side of things. That, coupled with me fiddling around with menu.php makes it a much nicer place to be, very nice indeed. My guess is that 1.3 may arrive, or have available, some additional stylesheets for admin and I’m hoping that some proposed changes, suggested in the forums, will have been incorporated into especially the posting section (post status and discussion boxes near the Publish button for instance). We’ll see … but go get some admin.css if you haven’t. It’s most good.

And don’t you think that today’s image looks vaguely brain-like ?

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