Enabled Parking. Bastards.

Finally decided to change things around here. This css has all the tags for a horizontal navbar, and there is some funky css stuff out there for creating nice dropdowns, so by changing what I want the other pages to look like (same as this), and also playing with css, I get two goals achieved in one.
There is some sort of ‘faked folder’ plugin, but I’m not making any of the pages dependent on wp code. They never have yet, so it’s just a case of using the same css throughout and adjusting to suit. Can’t be fully done though, as the newsgroup statistics pages are full of tables (containing tabular data of course!).
The other change is that on the release of 1.3, I’m officially moving my wp pages into this domain. They are mirrored here anyway – and much better looking – and I also anticipate a certain dropoff in demand for them which is a good thing. I do need to get the front page looking right though – I can’t get the css to behave :stress:
Oh yes – and the .htaccess. That too is being altered / added to. I just need to get the 403 written.

Enabled Parking This company clamp and issue tickets to cars they feel deserve it. Some time ago, J was out with P. in the car, and quite suddenly, J needed the toilet. It’s part of the MS that this happens, and she has a card to show in shops and things so they know she is genuine. Anyway, she could not find a space to park very near a Tesco, so she parked in a spare ‘bay’ and went off to find the loo. Slowly, she can hardly walk, so it was slow. When she got back, she had been given a ticket. There were no signs saying she could not park where she did, no lines on the road, no notices stuck to walls – nothing. She has sent them proof of her disability, she has sent them a supporting letter from the MS Nurse about her disability, she has explained both by phone and by letter (twice) what the situation was. They have blanked her at every stage, and today they threaten her with Court. Nice eh ? Laughingly, they seem to think that using a threat against our credit rating will secure them the money they want (£80).
They just do not seem to realise that she didn’t do it deliberately, that she didn’t go shopping – she just needed the loo, and the only toilets around she could use were in Tesco. So now we wait for the Court Summons, and we go in and fight our corner. And the stupidest part ? J can’t even walk as far as she did that day.   Enabled Parking. Bastards.

8 thoughts on “Enabled Parking. Bastards.

  1. That sucks. All of these things really are just revenue makers. In the same light, I have been having a think about my speeding ticket and think I will take it to court.
    I am just not sure of the procedure, in that if/when I lose the casee, will it cost me more because I contested it?

    Fight them Mark – they need to be aware that the world is full of humans with personalities and this kind of punishment is not acceptable.

  2. I hate it when organizations or businesses are so bound to their rules that they forget compassion and common sense. Usually I will challenge them and keep repeating over and over the obvious until they submit to it (even if they refuse at first). My job is to call insurance companies to get authorizations and descriptions of benefits, so I get plenty of practice. It just surprises me after explanations of your wife’s condition that they would be so obtuse and sullen about collecting their fine. I hope you beat them in court.

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