Read it while you can.

Looks like today isn’t going to be my day either.
Maybe I should just get Warcraft 3 back to where I was before I lost the data.

First I find that my motives seem to have been brought into question, despite my offer below being entirely in keeping with how I normally act, and then trying to get people to see the real issue behind something is like trying to educate a brick.

Sod it. Warcraft wins. Email is open, IM maybe. Browser stays shut. (Note ….. update .htaccess)

8 thoughts on “Read it while you can.

  1. Never played warcraft, but over the past month or so ive had a great time playing diablo2. My latest necromancer just made patriarch (completed hell difficulty) and he only could use what he found or gambled, and was allowed to be given equipment.

    Love the pictures that adorn your posts, where are they from? some of them remind me of some compter programs ive used in the past.

  2. I’ve yet to gather the energy to start over from scratch with D2, but I have thought that a Barb would be cool – up close smacking instead of distant killing…

    And my graphics ? They are chaos images – lots of maths I don’t understand (I stopped at calculus, thogh algebra was easy!). I’ll have to dig the url out.

  3. Ive only played necromancers since the 1.10 patch came out, so must really make an effort to make other characters, even if its only up to nightmare difficulty. As you say its finding the energy to do so, especially if youve lost your old characters, and you have to start from scratch.

    I must have a play with fractint again, Im sure it can produce some similar images.

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