I’m not linking it, but the idiot there has copied a post from my blog. Unfortunately, the WHOIS information is protected as far as I know, but if anyone out there can establish a mailing address for that page’s owner, I would be very grateful indeed.

I’m pissed off enough today without someone else stealing stuff from here.

And in case the fuckwit says it’s the other way around, my post was written – 2004-08-22 9:36:17 pm

7 thoughts on “WHOIS

  1. It looks to me like it’s another one of those ‘copycat types` who is using other’s to test their site.

    There is nothing on their site. I imagine they came to yours, [being the guru you are Mark – attracts people like this] and for some reason they copied a post from your site.

    This does not explain their actions but who can ever explain the actions of the insane…

    We should feel sorry for them.

  2. Hi Mark!

    I am the idiot who copied your post to test my installation of wordpress.

    The page’s been removed, you might feel betternow.

    Ididn’t expect such a reaction from you. Neither would have I expected you to find this!!!

    Is it so easy to get any content published via WP?? Does it have anything to do with the automatic post to Ping-o-matic when an “article” is published?

    Anyway, I apologize for this stupid behaviour.

  3. When you publish anything in WordPress my friend it is like letting a piece of paper go in a hundred mile an hour gale. Search engines, pings, trackers and all kinds will report the content in minutes. A lesson learned and I hope no lasting harm done.

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