I wish I could hack ….. and I mean really hack.

Sleep. You know sometimes you wake up and your feet are poking out from under the duvet / sheets or even stick out over the end of the bed ? Have you tried going to sleep like that ? I couldn’t … odd. Must be either habit or some sub-conscious thing that dates back to caves and very big spiders.

An offer: if you currently have a GM or MT blog, I’ll convert it to a WordPress one for you. I can host it here temporarily if you want so you can see what’s what, or I can install it into your webspace. (This does not remove your current blog at all). If you aren’t sure, and you want to see more of what WP looks like from the side that I’m typing from let me know and you can have access to one of my testblogs that I have up. Cost ? None. And if you’ve not got a blog, but want one, I’ll install WP for you too. (Check the WP requirements first though just to be sure your host has the right stuff). Leave a comment here if this appeals.

10 thoughts on “Scattergun

  1. I don’t know how this post of yours slipped under my radar, though I have subscribed to your feed. I am sorry. WordLog now has the right URL, and links to the post on this blog.

    If there is anything that needs to be mentioned on WordLog, please let me know, Mark. 🙂

  2. Okay Mark. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I’m fed up with TypePad and I’m looking for an slick interface to use for my six-headed blog. It has to be slick because the other five authors are even less technically inclined than I am. But it has to be flexible because we demand more than the typical 16-year-old teenage girl from our blogging experience. I think WordPress is the solution. Can you prove it to me?

    E-mail me with what you need. I realize we’re not using “bare” MT, so I’ll understand if you turn us down. Your offer is extraordinarily generous; I couldn’t pass it up.

  3. Would this offer also include an upgrade from WP 1.0 to Wp 1.2 mingus?

    I have been having trouble doing the upgrade myself. I have attempted various ways including uploading mingus in a separate directory and using the same database as my 1.0 install. That resulted in not being able to access admin due to password mis-match.

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