This page is currently not good enough for people with much reduced vision. Expect wierdness and peculiar font sizes / display issues until I have it sorted.


I’ve cludged about using % sizes, and it appears alright. I have looked at Mark Pilgrim’s code but adding that here didn’t produce any better results (conflicts with my CSS maybe ?).
Using IE with fonts set to largest, everything works, though I was surprised the text did not get any larger (on IE ? It’s the View > Text Size setting). Using Firefox, I can increase the text size to whatever I want, yet with IE, the supposed ‘accessibility’ setting may still be (and is here for one reason) inadequate.

Any practical examples of how I could improve this situation – rather than lengthy tutorials (I learn best by playing and breaking, not reading) – would be very welcome. I’m wondering whether I need to use an alternate stylesheet just for the font-size, with a clickable ‘A+’ ‘A++’ type thing as well as any CSS coding that the browser may interpret. New territory is this….

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  1. Gemini is fixed width. That brings with it certain limits. It would be better *design* if it was ems based. That is an altogether more complex problem. One I am working on because I share your concern. Also if I recall – I have set the font size in the body. Not a very accessible solution. If you want to go per cent just take out that rule. But two things occur. One is that the layout starts to break up. Too big or too small. Two the percent in q wil be the default when the user got started. Conveniently that is different in IE / Moz. Plus remember we have h1 in text. If those h1 s resize our header graphics start to bork. All of which requires guru standard design to fix. Not too difficult. What is difficult (in the template range) is to do it in a way where the css is readable and understandable to the end user. This is difficult stuff and it calls for hard choices. But on our own blogs we might need to raise our game to ems. I am working on it.

  2. This only struck me becaus I was – due to the reinstall – setting up J’s side of the computer. She asked me if I could make the text huge on all sites she went to visit and gave me an example of one. That site uses fixed text pt size – bad. I can do nothing really, but out of interest, I checked here.
    Initially, even IE could do little, but with what I have done, it works (sort of).

    I have nowhere near enough the knowledge to tackle this head-on in a way that is nice to layout issues as well, and even if I did, I can’t apply that anywhere else, but if I’m going to yell at other people’s sites, I have to do this from having a compliant site myself 🙂

  3. Well I am going to get started on a Gemini ems testbed asap. Things are getting a bit stacked up but I am going to cut down on forum support and catch up on my portfolio. I hope you will be doing a style for the soon to be announced Gemini style gallery? I have got one in mind. Its a shocker. 🙂

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