I lost my Assassin !!!!!

Hell that was boring … this morning the machine was behaving very very oddly, hence the reinstall. That alone doesn’t take long does it ? It’s then getting everything just right. I think this is the 4th time I’ve reinstalled, and each time I lose something – this time – and I may yet remember something else – it’s all my Warcraft and Diablo2 save data. DAMN. I think I’ll say that again. DAMN. Anyway, lots of lovely freeware installed and tested, just need to download Cesar for ftp and I think I’m done.

And I did find a good RSS reader – Abilon. I had used it before, but so far it looks fine, and acts great. This was a couple of days ago, and just after getting that installed and working, I happened across the Misc. Software part of TheBombSite where Stuart also recommends Abilon … now why didn’t I see that before …… ? There are a couple of programs there that I want to try out too, though LiteStep looks a tad geeky for me. Good, but geeky. I’ll have to trawl the forums there for a while I think.

Right… off to WP and also to checking files …

One thought on “I lost my Assassin !!!!!

  1. I think I’m way too old to be “geeky”. I must admit that “Syncronicity” is probably the most radical change from the normal Windows desktop you’re likely to experience but the download I point to comes with 2 other layouts which have a bit more “familiarity” to them. You can load them all and switch between them no problem.

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