lights !

My wireless router fried itself earlier. There I was, chatting with someone on IRC (my apologies for disappearing without saying!), about to upload files, reading stuff and … well I’d like to over-dramatise and say there was a fizzing, popping, sparks and whatnot, but there wasn’t. The connection just died. All attempts at resuscitation failed, as did anything from the tech helpline. Luckily, receipt is still here, so I’m hopping over to PC World in the morning to change the cooked router (I rang and they said it would be fine with the receipt) I hope they have one in stock. Only the other day I was wondering why I should keep the modem software installed – now I know !!

Anyway, as noted below, the guide to Matt’s Asides is up in the webspace. I’ll probably start adding more bits like that which I come across.

2 thoughts on “ lights !

  1. It is amazing which electronics go and when. I have worked with a bunch of amplifiers and recording equipment for electrophys. and have witnessed some amazing events. New amplifiers that should be first rate have burned while stuff from the seventies abused by a plethora of noob students just keeps on going.

    Let us know how the new router goes.

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