Barbed Wire

The images I’m using here are all prepared in a folder, and I’m uploading them sequentially, yet today’s is surprisingly appropriate.
Ever have a day when as soon as you get up, everything starts irritating you ? Today it was my turn. I didn’t feel quite right, there was a lot of stuff to do today, I read 3 things online which served only to annoy me, little things just seem to get in the way, the dyson breaks, nothing was right, everything was wrong. I was not, not not not a happy bunny. And then a package arrives in the post (we get the post around 2-3pm around here now…) and it’s a book. An unexpected book.

A post to the forums a little while ago, from Nicki, was about difficulty installing WP, and it was quite odd what seemed to be happening, so I took it from the forums and went to IM – makes things a lot quicker at times. In the end it was a peculiar server / host issue, but WP got installed and all was, and is, well. I think it was about 3am here when we got done as Nicki is in New Zealand. Anyway, I checked a couple of times over the next few days – and still do now – that all remained well, but to be honest, I didn’t think too much else. My guess is that those of us who do a lot of work on the forums just get straight onto the next set of posts.
So I was amazed and very surprised when this book arrived. My Wishlist, which I started a while ago as a reminder to me of what I would like to read, was where Nicki had gone, and she treated me to a book for helping her out. I think that is wonderful of her, I really do. And my irritability ? That went straight out the back door – how could I stay mad when someone had been so nice ? 🙂

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