9 thoughts on “Forum Helping

  1. The text file is great! All the links in one place.
    Now that alone is very useful. Make that a resource of somekind that’s shared somewhere. My WordLog has been acting up, and so there has been no action there the past few days, but when that comes on up again, that text file, and this guide will be there, for sure.

    I will read the guide in detail when I have the time and let you know more 🙂

    Thanks Mark, you rock!

  2. I should add that one of your guides can be even further simplified.

    You mention
    “Now, in another window on your machine, open this link to the md5 generator.”

    An outside md5 generator is not needed – phpmyadmin has this function built into it.

    You simply type in your password in the password input, then select “md5” from the “function” pulldown beside it.

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