Crystalline Needles

I’ve actually sorted all my page issues now I think:
– Replying to a comment now looks better as the correct css is being used.
– The ‘What makes you happy ?’ link in a threaded comment now correctly leads back to index.php
– The Recent Links and Keep Links pages format correctly as well.
– The text and link colours in the above two pages are also correct.
– wp-layout.css now evenly formatted.
– Footer now has credits for the CSS.

The ‘Forum Helping’ guide should be up soon. It’s formatted, but I think it may yet be missing some stuff. Once it’s on the site I’ll post here first for feedback.

More on RSS: Awasu – mentioned below – will work if the Mozilla suite is installed, but does not yet work with Firefox. As much as I like FF and TB, I really don’t see the need to install yet another browser, so Awasu remains unused. I also tried Pears last night, after downloading about 20meg of Python. All now gone. Not liked, didn’t have the functionality that I wanted. Tried Amphetadesk too. So as it stands, I’m aggregator-less.
Am I really asking too much ? It would appear so. And am I really so strange in not wanting to install the .NET framework ?

The XP SP2 went live today …. wonder how many programs will go dead because of it (or as M$ so quaintly put it “Some programs seem to stop working” or else the obtuse “Programs that may behave differently”).

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8 thoughts on “Crystalline Needles

  1. Yeah I smiled at the wording on those KB articles. They must be keeping the language as simple as possible for ‘Joe User’ as those issues are just relating to the firewall preventing access. Anybody with a lil bit of savvy can sort that but Joe would just go “Wha?” 😉

    The one to watch for is “Data Execution Prevention” error and that article is here.

    I haven’t come up against any issues…yet…so all my development apps are working okay.

  2. Well the proper solution is to put the l and r menu borders in the bg graphic. Then they go all the way down and no chance of the width becoming miscombulated and borking the layout. The top piece could go in its own div. The bottom piece could sit very cunningly in div clearer and do double duty. Just my 2c.
    A bit of a ding dong on the forum earlier appropos the 9 new designs. 🙂

  3. Graphic now has the borders left.
    If I were doing this for someone else, I’d probably get the top and bottom perfect, but as it’s for me, and it’ll be transitory ……

    I saw the thread. My take is that when designs / styles / templates / interfaces are offered, one question should be asked – ‘Are you willing / able to support this for users’. If they are, fine, go for it. If they are not, and they are inherently faulty, then the burden falls to other forum users (yourself with CSS) and those people have every right to make their opinion known.

    If I wrote some PHP, and gave detailed instructions on how to alter files, then to activate the plugin – and I also offered no support – you can bet there would be an outcry from PHP people, especially if the file altered the database and was a bugger to put right.

    I don’t see this analogy as so far off.

  4. The funny thing is that I did not make my opinion known for a very long time in the thread. What I did do was ask questions. Some clever people though were reading my mind 🙂 I prolly went further than normal. It was going fine until 2fargon thanked them for their fine contribution to WP. I wouldnt mind but he uses Gemini.
    Some guys just can not get the spatial relationship between the index and the css. Mark you in the 9 designs the fault is very cleverly disguised from most browsers.
    Yr menu borders look much nicer 🙂

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